Waking Life will offer many ways in which anyone can participate: all sorts of skills and contributions are welcomed to create the magical playground we envision. Below you can find a list of areas to see where you would prefer to get involved.


Building, painting, greeting, decorating. Too much to sum up. If you’d like to be a helping hand before, during, or after the festival you can fill out our volunteer form here.


Leave no trace! At Waking Life we’re very keen on taking ultra good care of our environment. When we leave our beautiful grounds at the lake, they should be left in better condition than when we arrive. Register here to join our eco team.

Performance art

Waking Life is co-created by its participants. We thrive and are inspired through everyone’s unique creativity. From live musicians to improvisation to skydiving clowns, if there is any way you would like to contribute, please register here.

Art installations

We will have plenty of room by the lake and woods that we’ll be able to use as a beautiful backdrop for all sorts of art installations. To submit/build, please fill out this form.


Waking Life is an open stage. Want to get creative with your camp, run a workshop, set up or contribute to a local initiative? The place to address all your ideas and questions is right here.


If you would like to contribute to Waking Life by providing delicious food, re-energizing drinks, clothing or any other type of shop, you can fill out our vendor application form here.